Our wedding: make pocketfold cards yourself + video tutorial

Make DIY pocketfold card for your wedding. Instructions for wedding invitation with video tutorial. It's so easy to make the popular Pocktefold envelopes yourself. #diy #wedding #selvering Photo: Nicole Frieda Fine Art Photography

Imagine sitting in your garden enjoying the sun on a warm summer afternoon. The red and green of your tomato plants, the smell of your flowers in flower beds. What could make this picture even more attractive? How about watching honey flying from flower to flower, gathering nectar and pollinating all the flowers in your garden. Getting some plans to build a hive can easily make this a reality.

There is nothing like having the sound of buzzing bees in your garden during the summer. In addition, you also get the benefit of improved pollination in your garden.

Depending on where you have your hive, you can expect between 40 and 60 kilos of homemade honey a year! It is a great feeling to produce your own honey, especially when you can give it to your friends and neighbors knowing that your own bee colonies produced it.

It is a fact that once you have planned to build a hive you can build it for as little as $ 20. No special materials are needed, just the knowledge of how to assemble everything.

Beekeeping is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. Thousands upon thousands of people buy hives each year at extortionate prices compared to the price to build your own!

Usually when looking at DIY projects I recommend a minimal DIY experience. This is the exception because it really is that simple when you have the plans.

As long as you can use a hammer and saw, you can easily build your own hive.

I cannot recommend this hobby enough. All I can say is get your hive done as soon as you can and enjoy as much honey as you can eat!